videos: Kimchi and the Gamin Sushi

videos: Kimchi and the Gamin Sushi

Have you ever had kimchi before ? Neither had Sack until a couple of weeks ago, so we thought why not put him in the interview couch and talk about his first experience with Kimchi and his new visually stunning video aptly named Kimchi and the Gamin Sushi. 

Read the full interview here and watch Sacks latest creation. Trust me when I say that it's as good as Kimchi.  

So Jack … 

How ya going ? 

Very well 

(laughs) .. (there’s a lot of that so I’m just going to put a # every time Jack laughs)

You’re vegetarian right ? 

Correct ##

How do you find it ? 

Oh its good, it’s actually pretty fantastic. A lot easier than you think that it might be when you first start off, I was pretty sceptical when I first started whether or not I’d be able to commit but very easy and very enjoyable. Its good having a healthy balanced diet. 

What was the inspiration behind Kimchi and the Gamin Sushi ? 


Sushi ? 

Sushi! Definitely sushi and gamin and kimchi. So it started when we were at Bishops and he made me this Kimchi, avocado and vegemite toast, which totally blew me away and it was a massive source of inspiration. 


Probably biggest inspiration for this work was Charles Berquist’s work. Been really obsessed with the stuff that he’s been doing for quite a while especially his music video for Tyco’s song Ascension. And the way that he just goes into a studio and creates all these elements and assets with inks and paints and then combines them in post into these absolutely crazy compositions just totally blows me away. 

It reminds me of chemicals being released in our brains after certain thoughts. What does it remind you of ? 

Thats a good question, I can definitely see the chemicals in the brain. I don’t know like weird time lapses of algae or some weird growths of some sort. 

What was your favourite part of the process ?

Definitely colouring it. Yeah thats where all the fun of it happens because when I was filming it, it was just looking straight down on a white bottom tub and you’re sort of dropping in inks and it doesn’t really look that great. But when you take it into Premiere and start grading it, invert the colours and start stretching all the colours out thats when it really starts to pop. 

What kind of music are you listening to right now ? 

All sorts but mostly sort of chill experimental music like Floating Points, Nicolas Jaar and whatever Discover Weekly brings me which has been quite a lot of good stuff recently. 

Have you ever had Kimchi before ?

I have, I had it for the first time the other day at Bishops house when he put it on Vegemite and avocado toast for me. Excellent combination. 

Are you looking to develop these moving abstract forms further ? 

Absolutely ! I think this is the first of many to come. I’ve started experimenting with soap, fluid acrylics, oil and milk and with those you can create some really crazy looking stuff so yeah definitely keen to keep experimenting and keep pushing it and see where it ends up. 

Favourite aisle in Woolies ? 

Give me a second … 

If we were talking Harris Farm I would say the cheese aisle with all the big Jarlsberg’s and mad stuff like that. But if we are just going woolies … ahhh probably the cereal aisle, with the muesli bars down the end, rollups and LCM’s

What’s going on with you in the future ? 

I would love to know #######