travel: North of Here

travel: North of Here

We were all blown away by Connor Rancan's most recent video North of Here so we got him in to have a chat about his travels and some scary drone incidents. Check out the video below. 

Nice to finally meet you dude!

Nice to meet you too. 

You have recently been away, can you tell us where you went on your trip? 

We started off in London, and then we headed straight to Iceland which is … not sure how to describe Iceland. Then we went from Iceland to Norway, and up to the Lofoten Islands and that was cool. Then I went back to England for Christmas with my family, because I have family from England.

Was there an intention of making a video before you went over? And if there was can you talk about that process of travelling and filming. 

Yeah, well there was definitely an intention because I knew I was going to Iceland and Norway which is photographers goals. So I pretty much just brought my camera and it is a bit of a hassle taking all your gear over but you know, had it with me the whole time filmed whenever I could. 

If there was one thing in your bag that you couldn’t live without, what would that be? 

Oh man. I mean I’d definitely say my camera, like I could not have anything else and if I had my camera I’d be more than happy. 

Was there a song of the trip ? 

Well one of the big reasons I wanted to go to Iceland was because of a movie I watched a couple of years ago called ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ and theres this song in it by Rogue Wave, I forgot the name of the track, but that was the soundtrack of Iceland. 

Can you talk us through how you achieved the colours in the video. 

Yeah, well it was the hottest summer on record before we went. So the whole country should have been covered in snow at that time, so it was kind of surreal to be able to see the reds and greens all over. It was quite easy to bring out those colours because they were already there but I pretty much did everything in DaVinci Resolve and spent a lot of my time grading than I did editing. 

Thats one things that we noticed straight away is the grading is top notch so credit to you.

Can you tell us more about that train ride through the snow.

Oh yeah! That was in Switzerland on apparently one of the more famous train trips you can take through the swiss alps. So we started off in Geneva and finished off in Zermatt and you can just stick your head out the window and you're surrounded by gigantic mountains. It wasn’t like going from Redfern to Town Hall. 

Thats for sure. What about the drone ? Did you have any issues flying the drone whilst you were over there?

Oh yeah, as you probably know you have to keep your batteries quite warm in cold climates. So one of the mornings in Switzerland it was -10 degrees and they recommend to get the batteries to 25 degrees before you fly them. So we’re sitting out there whilst we are doing a time-lapse, we had the batteries underneath our arms just so we could warm them up and fly it after. So we flew the drone and because it was so cold, the drone was about a kilometre away at this point, and because it was so cold the gimbal just freaked out, and all I can see is the picture. It was so nerve racking and I thought it was falling out of the sky. I was just like return home, return home and sure enough it came home.

If you had to pick between loosing one finger or only being able to grow hair on one eyebrow what would you pick? 

Loosing a finger .. mmm. I’d say loosing a finger, I feel like I could manage oh it depends what finger really. 

Any finger

Yeah I feel like I’d be able to deal with loosing a finger because you can hide it a little bit easier. 

What's the plan for the future for you, are you working on anything? 

I’m going to New Zealand in July and then I’m going to New York in October and hopefully I’m going to move over to New York next year and pursue film. Thats the goal but for the time being just make as much stuff as I can. 

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