submission: Alex Hrdina

Alex Hrdina likes to dabble in many creative outlets whether that be music, painting or in this case photography. We sat down with the man with many talents to talk about his recent trip to India. 

Lets talk about your recent trip to India, what was the inspiration to go ?

Thats a good question, a year ago me and Stooksy (Ben Rowbotham) wanted to do a big trip because I hadn't really travelled before. We were thinking somewhere, like Canada, but then we thought why not go somewhere completely different and started tossing some ideas round and landed on India. 

Very nice, were there any stand out moments from the trip ? 

Stand out moments. Yes off the bat, can bring to mind, the time we went paragliding. I had low expectations going in, just thought it was some tourist thing to tick off the list but it was one of the best things I’ve ever done, pretty much hit full euphoria on the way down, with the view of the Himalayas. 

Have you got any favourite photos from the trip ?

Definitely do, from this place called Pushkar which is a desert town in India. This place had a really magical vibe about it which is why it was the most special place I went to in India.

I got up really early one morning because I was motivated to take photos and I had a full morning of soft light. I found that by walking around on my own with my camera I was able to take things in more and I found this little huddle of local people who were the town Babas. The main Babas is a spiritual leader and he was this half naked, glorious, looking man sitting in the middle of the circle, his skin looked like black leather and it was a very good vibe.  

And so the photo that I fell in love with at that moment and still look back at today is this one with the fluro looking headband and with the sun coming through the smoke. I think that one totally takes me back to that time.

Nailed it ! What is the first thing about India that you would tell someone if they were thinking of travelling there. 

Don’t eat too much curry in one day. 

You’re also in a band right ? 

Yes I am. 

Talk to me about how thats going.

Yeah so in a band called Plantface, I play guitar and vocals. Been going for about less than 2 years now and I’m really enjoying it.

So you like to take photos you’re also in a band, what else takes up your time? 

I like to paint. I paint a lot actually. So yeah I guess going to India is a dream for a creative person because you go through different patches sometimes theres so much stimulation and colour and its a sensory overload, which sounds generic but that’s really what it is like. There’s so much to look at it, so many different cool colours which makes it a dream to go around with my camera everyday. 

What camera did you take ? 

Actually before I went on the trip sold my digital and got myself a really nice film camera. It’s an olympus OM-2. The thing that made me nervous the whole time was the fact that I didn’t print any of the photos as I was travelling. I kind of just took 30 rolls and then I was really pleasantly surprised with how they turned out at the end of the trip.

What going on for you in the future ? 

I’ve been dabbling a lot with mixed media so like combining my paint with my photographs. 

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