submission: Josh Purnell

submission: Josh Purnell

A smooth sail down to Tasmania does not exist, it's a treacherous adventure for the brave hearted and allows you to see the rugged ocean side in its rawest form. Make no mistake though this is when our friend Josh Purnell is in his element and we caught up with him to see how the trip went. 

Part 1 (Images 1 - 15)

I recently made my bi-annual pilgrimage to Tasmania by boat. Departing from Pittwater, the voyage took our crew to the former whaling town of Eden, across the notorious bass straight accompanied by pods of dolphins, through canals and to numerous water accessible pubs. Part one finishes in Recherche Bay with the boat full of fuel, water and provisions before heading for the prehistoric Bathurst Harbour, only accessible by boat, 7 day hike or light aircraft if the weather permits.

Part 2 (Images 16 - 30)

With safe passage made around the most southern tip of Australia the crew of Winifred arrives in Bathurst Harbour, a waterway the size of Sydney Harbour but only populated by less than 10 boats. Sightings of people were about as common as the elusive spotted quoll. The crew filled their two weeks exploring the landscape from climbing peaks to shooting rapids and all the while enduring the adverse weather that makes this area of Tasmania so isolated and remote. With the appropriate weather window the team returned to the safe haven of Hobart in time for the renowned Australian Wooden Boat Festival where hundreds of timber boats attract over 200,000 people.

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