submission: Rob Hogan

submission: Rob Hogan

Photographer, designer and good friend of ours Rob Hogan took a trip to the 'Big Apple' and it looks as though this apple had been kept in the freezer for a couple of weeks and there was frost hanging off the stalk. We sat down with Rob to talk more about his trip.

Where do we find ourselves Rob?

Ah we are in the Honours studios hanging out, its the last year of my degree 2017 its going to be real. 

What are you studying ? 

Oh so I'm doing a Bachelor of Design but doing a Fine Arts cluster this year, so hoping to develop a series of paintings and push my publication work. 

So whats moving and shaking you at the moment ? 

At the moment, a lot of interest in sub-cultures - a lot of like underground DIY things everything from Punk Rock to graffiti to underground car movements things like that. 

Nice nice ! Talk us through this trip that you went on. 

Yeah so it was early 2015, I went to the US to San Francisco, Seattle, New York and Cincinnati which is where my grandma lives. And along the way I took my Rollei 35 film camera, which is my grandfathers old film camera. Mainly shot black and white film which I then later developed myself at home. 

Very nice, you obviously went during winter. 

Thats right so yeah a lot of snow, super cold. Main thing was when I was out on the streets, obviously check out the tourist spots but I really wanted to go beyond that and some of my fond memories were catching the subway up to the Bronx, like right down the end towards Pelham Bay Park. 

Any of the photos from that area ? 

No actually that one there (image 3) the fence one, was on the way to Queens, walked over the Ed Koch Memorial Bridge, which was sick, and that was a whole different kind of vibe to Manhattan.

What's your favourite photo from the series ? 

Ahh favourite one, probably the one you pointed out actually, the smoke clouds in Manhattan. These billowing smoke clouds coming out from the underground and just the way they looked with the people I was just like 'yes' got to take a photo of this. Stoked with how that one came out.

Awesome ! So whats on the horizon for mister Rob Hogan ?

Mister Rob Hogan wants to go to Japan at the end of the year, stay in Tokyo. I want to do more exhibitions mainly group exhibitions and just try and produce as much work and challenge myself to not become comfortable. 

Check out more of Rob's work here :