show: Muto

Up and coming electronic producer MUTO has just been announced to support Crooked Colours on their national tour around Australia. After just finishing up his run of shows, MUTO is definitely an artist that will be on our radars for the exciting times to come. 

Where do we currently find you ? 

I’m currently sitting in a cafe in Manly, smashing a bacon and egg roll 

Nice one, I’m jealous.

Mate can’t go wrong with a BnE. 

So you’ve just finished up a small run of shows. How do you think they went ? 

Mate they were really good, I mean it was my first run of shows ever so it’s always going to be awesome. Much better than I thought so all in all it was a pretty new experience and something I’m keen to continue. 

It’s definitely a different thing for me, going from producing to actually playing all my songs live, which was the end goal. But yeah it was good man, good seeing the response and good seeing people react to my music. So yeah ! Pretty stoked man. 

Yeah well I mean I was at your show at Oxford Circus and it was definitely a vibe. 

Thanks man, appreciate it. 

As of yesterday you were announced to support Crooked Colours on their tour around Australia. How does that feel ? 

Yeah it’s going to be dope. Especially doing it with mates as well as people I like as artists. It’s going to be a lot of fun especially because we are going to be hitting some other cities that I haven’t been to before and going back to Perth where I spend a bit of time, so it’ll be good to play some of my music over there for some of my old mates. Soon as we get on the road, I’m going to kiss my job, at the cafe where I am actually at right now, goodbye so it’ll be good to take this music thing head on. And it’ll be great to build my presence in the industry and get my name out there a little bit more, I’m keen to do that.

YS: Can we expect to see any new music from you soon or is it more touring life at the moment. 

Yeah 100% on this tour I'm not sure but definitely not far away from that at all. In August you’ll hear some new music 

Awesome, is there anything else around corner for you ? 

Yeah ! Without giving away too much I am releasing an EP towards the end of the year and a couple of singles in between that.

Awesome thanks for having a chat man !

No worries man !