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travel: marrakech to merzouga

travelLiam Rileymorocco
travel: marrakech to merzouga

On the other side of the world far from home Liam travelled around Morocco and captured the sun saturated moments. Enjoy the journey from Marrakech to Merzouga. 


Far from home with the company of my backpack and camera I arrived in the city of Marrakech. 


The main square is loud and busy but wander off down one of the alleyways and you can find peace and quiet amongst the local people. 

Walking through the alleyways you become completely immersed in the smells of the local food, the colours and patterns of the clothes and the sounds of the passing by motorbikes. 

In the palace of Bahia I met a mysterious Hawaiin girl who showed me around in her own unique way. 

Growing up on the island of Hawaii she was in love with the water being a free diver herself and passionate for yoga.

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She told me about the desert in Merzouga and that I must go over the Atlas mountains to get there. So I said goodbye and the next day I would leave for Merzouga. 

Winding through the Atlas mountains is not for anyone who gets car sick easily, however the view from the top is something I will never forget. 

On our way we passed Ait Ben Haddou the fortified city between Marrakech and the Sahara, you feel like you have travelled back in time visiting this place. 

Palm trees dramatically contrast the old structures of Ait Ben Haddou

Luscious green valleys lay between the old city and the desert

We finally arrived at Merzouga where palm trees seamlessly connect all of these Moroccan landscapes together

To get to our camp in the middle of the Sahara we travelled on camel back up and down the dunes

Last light in the dunes of Merzouga was a spectacular moment to share with my fellow travel companions

The next morning though we had to rise before the temperature became unbearable and I noticed a fellow nomad walking along the top of the dunes

After being all dried out from the desert I met up with some of my mates from Australia and we fleed to the coast to rinse ourselves off

Theres nothing like that feeling of running into the ocean at sunset.